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Hello PyraBidders,

And welcome to the best online bidding website showcasing the very best deals on the latest products!

PyraBid is the must go to online auction site in the UK for the "best bargain deals" available online. We offer iPhones, iPads, Apple MacBooks, luxury holidays, Louis Vuitton bags... at a starting price of £1 and finishing up to 95% off their RRP.

PyraBid was inspired from the Great Pyamids, in a way our attribution to their remarkable structure, skills and significance in the history. The fundamental to win any auction is simple: stack up all your bids as in the Pyramid model, reach the apex by placing the “lowest Unique Bid” that no other user has gone for in that Auction on PyraBid and claim your prize. The one who conquers PyraBid not only achieves fame but is rewarded with our hand-pick selection of luxury products, dream holidays, latest gadgets etc.

At PyraBid, we do not believe that cheap bargain deals must equal cheap quality. That is why our auctions are based on the concept of "lowest unique bid" with a maximum price so that we know for sure that you will enjoy the very best products while saving up to 95% off their RRP! That way, you can treat yourself and the people you love within your budget!

We promise to offer you a level playing field as well as a unique platform. We're also committed to continuously adding to the multitude of our products and services through ongoing attention to your feedback and support. Last but not the least, we will take an extra effort to make sure that your Prize reaches you free of cost where applicable.

Once again, warm greetings from our team and welcome to PyraBid.


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Team PyraBid

How it works

How it works
  •   not unique
  •   lowest unique bid winner
  •   unique but not lowest

PyraBid's auctions combine skills and fun to win brand new luxury products at a very cheap price. At the end of the auction, the person who has placed the lowest unique bid, which is the lowest number with only one bid on it, wins the auction at that price only.