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Select an Auction and Start Bidding

Here are a few tips for you to increase your chances of winning on PyraBid.

  1. Bid early in the auction to try to have a better estimate of other people’s bids in the PyraBoard. If you are low on the board, then it means that you need to adjust the amount you placed according to the number of people who are before you. If for instance, you are 25th on the PyraBoard, then according to your bid, you can try to guess what the number 1 bidder’s bid is from your own bid.
  2. Bid strategically a couple of times in order to understand the other players’ bidding ranks.
  3. Try to place several unique bids on the auction to secure your position on the PyraBoard.
  4. Keep track of your position in the auction, as things can change very fast, especially when the auction is going to close soon. Players always tend to bid aggressively at the last minute, as there can only be one winner.
  5. If your bid is not unique, then don’t give up. Choose another bid amount. We never know, that could be the lucky one!
  6. Always bid according to your budget. PyraBid can be great fun to play and you can easily get carried away. That is the reason why you need to set yourself limits in terms of budget and time.
  7. Read our Terms and Conditions if you are new to PyraBid. Do not start bidding without understanding the concept and the terms behind it, otherwise you could end up spending a lot of money for nothing.
  8. When you are notified that the auction on which you placed bids is going to close, visit PyraBid to check if you are still in the competition. Remember, things get pretty mad once players come to know that the auction is going to close, so make sure that you are not eliminated at the last moment.
  9. Once you have reached the number one position, try to keep your spot safe by placing other bids nearby in case someone else takes your spot.
  10. Take regular breaks when you play. Do not play when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or when you feel depressed as it means that you are not your normal self.
  11. If you believe that you are addicted to gaming, then ask for help. You are always welcome to contact our Support Team to cancel your account contract anytime.

Be the Next Winner

Now that you have become a pro at bidding, there will be no stopping you from winning!

How it works

How it works
  •   not unique
  •   lowest unique bid winner
  •   unique but not lowest

PyraBid's auctions combine skills and fun to win brand new luxury products at a very cheap price. At the end of the auction, the person who has placed the lowest unique bid, which is the lowest number with only one bid on it, wins the auction at that price only.

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Product Of The Month

  • Product of the Month

    Samsung 40NU7120

    Auction ID: 60929222

    RRP: £379.00

    Number of Bids Left: 522

    Maximum Price: £39.00